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ASIRTA™ is a service that allows organisations to determine what their obligations are using natural language, including quantifying their business processes and relevant assets.  This list of obligations is then used to indentify the activities required internally and externally to comply and the improvement required.

These activities can be assigned according to capability, allowing your entire supply chain to show that they are able to support your requirements.  Understanding your organisation and the activites required allows you to show that you meeting your obligations; this awareness ensures that you focus your spend not only on complying with the volatile technical standards, but the stable legal structures already in existance within the UK regarding legislation for information management.

The ASIRTA™ approach allows you to evolve from a position of mere compliance with standards, to identifying the requirements to form a governance structure that will allow you to show that information is being managed in a manner that exceeds the standards themselves.



 Undeniable® is an information management framework which creates the structures required to manage information risks in a manner that provides conformance with […]