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 Undeniable® is an information management framework which creates the structures required to manage information risks in a manner that provides conformance with all existing legal and compliance regimes related to information risk management and governance.

Assignment of operational and governance responsibiilities related to information captured from ASIRTA™ ​is undertaken through the use of plain english policy documents and handbooks.  The Undeniable® process ensures that organisations evolve from merely complying with obligations placed upon them by regulatory bodies to using organisational awareness and governance to safely realise their potential.

The process allows the evolution from the assignment of obligations from an organisational level, down to a system level,  This evolution can allow organisations to determine where they are duplicating information on multiple systems, allowing the needs of the business to guide the IT strategies, rather than the technical advances driving business activities.

Undeniable® has already saved in excess of £6 million of retention costs for cloud service providers and financial clients.



ASIRTA™ is a service that allows organisations to determine what their obligations are using natural language, including quantifying their business processes and […]