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Benefits of ASIRTA™

Benefits of ASIRTA™

ASIRTA™ brings a broad set of benefits that other approaches cannot match.


  • Allows organisations to understand their data better
  • Reduces the internal cost and overhead of Governance, Compliance and Information Security, including the supply chain.
  • Allows organisations to focus their resources on what matters to them.
  • Significantly reduces the cost of IT and InfoSec projects, by aligning to what is legally required rather than what is only perceived to be required
  • Reduces regulatory risk and subsequent fines in the event of an information security breach by providing an audit trail of Governance

ASIRTA™ helps people across the organisation:

  • ASIRTA™ helps the Chairman or CEO to see the organisation’s position against the obligations for their sector, quickly and simply. It also helps him to see who is accountable for governance issues and risks within the organisation;
  • ASIRTA™ gives the Company Secretary the evidence he needs that due diligence is being conducted regarding obligation risks;
  • ASIRTA™ helps the CFO to understand clearly the organisation’s compliance with information management obligations and the consequent financial implications. It helps him to prioritise with the board the actions to take, over the short and long term, to minimise risk and fines;
  • ASIRTA™ helps the CIO to understand the information being used by the organisation in a new and simple way, helping him to better use and protect the information, and to reduce information risk;
  • ASIRTA™ helps the CTO to build a clear view of the information obligations and risks that stem from the organisation’s technical infrastructure;
  • ASIRTA™ helps the COO to identify operational requirements to deliver services in compliance with obligations;
  • ASIRTA™ helps the CISO to understand the information the business collects during its operation, where it is located and who accesses it, how it might be exposed, and what obligations he must comply with;
  • For all company officers, ASIRTA™ helps them to build and track a costed plan to improve information management compliance over time, demonstrating that risk and compliance are being diligently managed.

ASIRTA™ informs your governance.

  • It removes complexity, effort and risk.
  • It makes your efforts more joined-up, more complete and more confident.

Ultimately, ASIRTA™ gives you peace of mind.

Why choose ASIRTA™?