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What is ASIRTA™?

What is ASIRTA™?

ASIRTA™ is a software tool that helps you to simplify your governance, compliance and Information Security overhead by addressing the challenges posed by today’s regulatory landscape.

ASIRTA™ helps U.K. organisations navigate information risk governance with confidence, by identifying the information processed during the operation of their business, identifying which regulations apply and then aligning and prioritising their compliance activities to reduce the risk of breach and fines.

ASIRTA™ helps organisations take the complexity out of information risk compliance, by creating one single framework against which all the legal obligations from all of their business operations can be assessed in one place – proactively and with confidence   

  • ASIRTA™ recognises all of the activities you need to work on, based on the things your organisation does and the multiple obligations that arise from them.
  • ASIRTA™ allows you to deal with all of the laws and obligations that apply to you within a single, common framework: one approach and structure to deal with every obligation.
  • Putting obligations into a common framework allows you to remove the duplication that comes from complying with multiple laws and obligations, allowing you to kill many birds with one stone and massively simplify your governance.
  • Since a major compliance challenge is the scattering of knowledge across the organisation, ASIRTA™ helps to bring it together. ASIRTA™ assigns related activities into categories so that you can delegate the work to accountable owners and onward to Responsible task owners while retaining oversight with a formal RACI model and the ability to reassemble their inputs back into the common framework.
  • ASIRTA™ allows you to identify your compliance gaps in a simple, consistent manner. It provides a simple, easy-to-understand model for the organisation’s maturity against each Activity, comprising steps, such as Unknown, Not Implemented, Planned, Under Way and Implemented, along with Audited and Certified.
  • This maturity model defines the risk and compliance risk for the organisation. Tracking the progress of the organisation in moving towards ‘certified’ for those activities that it chooses to undertake, demonstrates progress towards full compliance.
  • ASIRTA™ allows you to see the financial implications of your compliance situation.
    • It shows the financial regulatory consequences of your compliance gaps;
    • It allows you to explore and prioritise remediation options that take account of the obligation risk and the cost of remediating;
    • It allows you, very simply, to create a plan based on the remediations that your organisation deems it can resource;
    • It tells you what you need to do against the plan, to achieve compliance;
    • It allows you to track your progress using the same simple model. Thus, it allows you to see and prove your progress towards full compliance.

ASIRTA™ allows you to gain control; puts you in the driving seat.  It gives you confidence that you have visibility of your risks and their implications and that they are steadily reducing according to your plan. ASIRTA™ gives you peace of mind, both organisationally and personally.

Ultimately, ASIRTA™ gives you a KPI to drive your Board’s activity; possibly one of the more important KPIs, since it tells you how likely you are to be fined or sent to jail if found to be non-compliant!


If compliance is the destination and governance is the journey,
ASIRTA™ guides and supports you on your journey, ensuring you get safely to the destination: 
ASIRTA™ informs your governance.

What does the process of using ASIRTA look like?