In today’s connected world, data use is growing but so are the rules governing its use; a single change agent of covid has resulted in most organisations going outside of their compliance process and now it’s hard to know where to start to return to a semblance of control.

There is a lack of consistent guidance from consultancies and government on what the minimum baseline is, to show that you are taking this seriously.

The GDPR 12 Steps guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is a good starting point, but what about the other legal requirements that have to be complied with (including Cyber)?  How do you ensure that this doesn’t all change again tomorrow, and you get value for money from your GDPR engagement?

With ASIRTA™, we have created tools that allow any U.K.-based organisation to identify the activities required to comply with their legal obligations and present it in a format ready for the board to understand not only the impact of where they are currently, but also to show that they are improving.

ASIRTA™ allows you to leverage your existing security controls, and communicate your needs to your consultancies and supply partners to gain maximum benefit from your compliance spend.