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Information risk has become critically important to organisations, as they seek to digitalise their operations and as governments seek to set the rules of the digital economy through regulation.

UK Organisations find it difficult to deal with the hundreds of information management obligations from nearly 60 laws and acts since they can appear confusing, duplicated and sometimes contradictory. 

Many organisations don’t know where their information risks and compliance gaps are, and can’t be sure that they won’t suffer a breach. Information risk can thus be daunting on a personal level for the leaders of UK organisations because significant compliance failures could lead to personal reputational damage, personal fines, loss of employment and even loss of liberty.

We help U.K. organisations navigate information risk governance with confidence, by identifying the information they process, identifying which regulations apply and then aligning and prioritising their compliance activities to reduce the risk of breach and fines.

The ASIRTA™ application helps take the complexity out of information risk compliance, by creating one single framework within which all the legal obligations from all of their operations can be assessed in one place.   

This single framework radically reduces the complexity and effort involved in managing information risk.  It’s such a powerful concept that we named the company after it: The Common Framework.

ASIRTA™ helps reduce the size of your compliance task enormously, by recognising duplicate requirements across hundreds of obligations and presenting them just once to eliminate duplicate work.

ASIRTA™ helps you engage the organisation for your information governance in an empowering way, by allowing you to assign discovery and delivery work to accountable owners, delegate it to responsible task owners, and seamlessly reassemble the full picture.

ASIRTA™ helps reduce the risk of fines and also the magnitude of those fines. It presents a simple view of your compliance exposure and cost implications, helps you prioritise what to tackle first, builds your plan, guides you on the tasks required and tracks your progress.  When you are aware of your risks, have a plan to address them and can demonstrate progress against the plan, the risk of fines rapidly diminishes, and so, typically will the size of those fines.

We are different from consultancy firms because we put your team in control and we tailor the work to your organisation’s operations rather than try to fit your operations into their standards.

We are different from security companies because we address the risk, based upon your business operations and not based upon what their technology can do.

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