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What does the process of using ASIRTA look like?


ASIRTA™ is built from the ground up to take the complexity out of your governance, presenting you with a disarmingly simple interface and process.  The major steps in the process for informing your governance with ASIRTA™ are as follows:


Use the baseline profiler to assess your organisation against the multitude of applicable obligations that apply to enforce security and compliance in your sectors.


Identify the areas of concern, high risk, and troublesome legal exposures, should your company fail to prove compliance against a legal obligation.


Highlight the areas of concern, flag problem sectors, and assign activities to the relevant users within your company to address the risk and remediate the exposure.


Implement the guidance steps provided to you. Address the flaws in your practice, and patch up the gaps where you’re falling short on compliance with obligations.


Set up an audit, an external evaluation or a consultant’s assessment of your estate. Achieve certification against multiple ISOs and security obligation areas. Achieve compliance and security.


Loop back to Assess


ASIRTA™ provides a simple and reassuring experience for everyone involved in Governance and Compliance.

What are the benefits of ASIRTA™?