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Why choose ASIRTA™ and The Common Framework?

Why choose ASIRTA™

Unlike consultancies, who do compliance to you and who aim to take compliance and governance out of the organisation, our approach is to help you to engage all parts of your organisation, allowing you to leverage those with knowledge, but in a manageable way.

This allows your compliance regime to be far more iterative. It promotes good practice and flexibility since all parties will have a better understanding of the impact of change.

Unlike consultancy firms, we tailor the work to your business operations, rather than try to fit your operations into their standards.

We are different from security companies because we address the risk, based upon your business operations and not based upon what their technology can do.

We are a team of respected subject matter experts and practitioners in UK governance, compliance and information security, with over 100 years of combined experience and totally focussed on helping to inform your governance to achieve compliance. Ultimately, we are a safe pair of hands. 

We work across all market sectors – Private, Public, Government, Education and Health.

We are trusted by some of the largest UK Telecommunication providers, Government departments, NHS Trusts and Regional Authorities, as well as many SMEs across multiple sectors.

We love Governance, Compliance and Information Security! We can take your pain away.

Save time, money and stress on
information risk and compliance.

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